Classical advertising – it all comes down to the idea

Classical advertising comprises the communication media print, billboard advertising, ads, film, radio, and broadcasting. All of them still have merit and will remain indispensable particularly for locally active companies.

PEGASUS will assist you in finding and designing the right communication media.

Print advertising & design

Since at least Gutenberg’s invention of printing, paper has been the most important advertising medium for centuries.  We run across print products every day, be it newspaper ads, leaflets, or flyers. Annual reports and brochures play an important role in B2B communications. A great advantage of print media is their haptic, that tactile experience of feeling. In over 25 years of graphic and advertising design, PEGASUS has gathered a stock of impressive examples and a wealth of experience that we will be glad to contribute.

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Advertising campaigns for products, services, or companies stand out due to a creative idea and a professional implementation. Whether billboard advertising, newspaper ads, or advertising on the radio – by a well-made advertising campaign companies attract attention and reach their target group. Through specific use of different, creatively designed advertising media ideas become success factors. Our experts at PEGASUS support you in planning, design and realisation of your campaign.

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Image video

YouTube & Co. are on the rise – image and corporate videos often tell more and are simply more attractive than a 12-page specification sheet in PDF format. Creative advertising videos attract the attention of the target group – both on the screen and on the monitor – and can serve for advertising, recruiting, and increasing the degree of brand awareness. PEGASUS develops ideas jointly with you and supports you in video production of your corporate video.

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Explanatory videos

The „Sendung mit der Maus“ has been doing it for decades: illustrating processes in need of explanation and commonplace topics in an understandable way. Explanatory videos are in line with the current trend. Explaining how software works can be very entertaining if presented in a well-made animation video. Or visualising the function of machines and equipment – explanatory videos are cut out for this purpose, too. The fields of application are unlimited, the costs are manageable, and the success can be measured. Find out jointly with PEGASUS how to present your corporate idea the simple way.

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Trade fair appearance

There is only one place where companies can meet with a large number of clients and talk to them: at a trade fair. This is why a trade fair appearance should be thoroughly planned and prepared – from the design of the booth to the production of trade fair merchandising. However, the follow-up activities are just as important to make sure that the investment in the project trade fair is successful and of sustainable use. PEGASUS has already assisted several clients in terms of trade fair appearance, from the planning to the design and equipment of the booth through to the follow-up activities. 

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