Digital marketing – the competition on the Internet

Several billions of websites are courting the users‘  favour. What means and methods do we use to direct our target groups to our website? What technology system do we use? What online goals do we actually pursue?

The experts from PEGASUS will support you in answering these questions.

Web design & web development

The targets and tasks of a website can be as manifold as the companies that are behind them. Whether it is about developing an internet presence for your start-up or about a new design for your homepage: with experts in the fields of conceptualising, web development and web design, PEGASUS is capable of creating the website that goes nicely with your company. We create and develop individual websites with Typo3, WordPress and other professional Content Management Systems – and all that in a responsive manner, which means your website will also be optimised for tablet and smartphone.

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Web Shop

More and more clients buy online, E-Commerce shows considerable growth potential – this is why a web shop is a promising idea. To make you fit for selling online, our web experts create and implement an online shop based on your targets and wishes. Whether it is about mass products or hand-made unique specimen: with the integration of an online shop almost everything becomes possible. We will find the solution that matches your needs jointly with you.

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Online Marketing

How do we direct our target group to our website? How can we make our website an interesting experience? How do we rank first in Google ranking? Today, it is the essential thing to be easily traceable by a search engine like Google. Search engine optimisation and advertising are the prerequisites for this approach. PEGASUS will help in searching the right key words, in optimising your website and in designing Google AdWords. Moreover, we will find out which means and options online marketing has in store for you and your company. Even some basic measures can have a significant effect.

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Social Media Marketing

Whether blog, Wikipedia, YouTube or Facebook – there is a variety of technologies and media available, condensed in the term Social Media. We as a private person, as a company, or as an institution meet people there and we make available information, share it, assess it, or discuss it. The presence in Social Media enables direct contact with the target group: Social Marketing and Social Sharing as an important part of online communications.

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